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Before they adopted her, I asked all those questions. They have a full family of animal lovers and her son, who actually paid the adoption fee for her as a gift, assured me they would take Penny, should anything happen to them," Albert said.

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If, for some reason, a family member cannot take the dog, Albert assured the son, the Sadie Mae Foundation will take the dog back. As part of the group's devotion to animals, volunteers check in and call that year's list of adoptions to see how everything is going. The Sadie Mae Foundation is supported solely through donations, fundraising and adoption events.

And because they've lost their kennel facility, they are in desperate need of a facility, donations and volunteers. Box , Bolton, CT Nearby Places.

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Neighbor Posts Sadie Mae Foundation: Saving One Animal At A Time Brenda Albert of Manchester is the founder of the Sadie Mae Foundation, an animal rescue organization that saves "death row" dogs and cats by pulling them out of shelters that euthanize and finding them foster and forever homes. By Donna E.

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Back to the Ellington-Somers Patch. The views expressed in this post are the author's own.

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I wish that I could have known her before she was at Chadwick, but I am glad that I had the chance to meet her. Stanley, I am so very sorry for the loss of your Mother. May she Rest in Peace.

Betty and Stanley I am truly sorry may god bless you and family you, have my prayers. God is near to those that are broken at heart and those crushed in spirit he saves. God will sustain you and help you to endure.

Betty, I am so sorry for your loss. That's when I knew I wanted to do more, so I got involved with someone who told me about the situation at the Hartford Pound. Certain pounds and shelters use euthanasia various reasons, such as overcrowding. Albert made a decision to go out on her own and try to help the Hartford pound herself.

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It was sometime in when Albert met up with an owner of a kennel in Bolton. The owner told Albert he had a building that wasn't being used. She asked if he would be willing to rent her the building and he agreed. Details were worked out and the Sadie Mae Foundation blossomed, saving many more "death row" dogs by pulling them out of kill shelters.

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It's not the quantity of animals you rescue, but the quality of care you give them, while putting them in the proper homes," Albert said. The Sadie Mae Foundation had to vacate their kennel facility in September and is now trying to fill the gap by placing a lot of dogs into foster care. They are currently seeking a new location for a kennel facility.

The Foundation does not take in owner-surrendered animals, but will help owners who can no longer care for their pet by offering a "courtesy posting" on their website in an effort to place the animal. There are others that truly care about finding their pets a good home and want what's best for their pet, but have no other option.