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Team London or Team Obi! The Sweet Burden shop on Cafe Press. Fateful Echoes, The Sweet Burden finale now available now! For paperback! Or Kindle! Hitomi's memory is gone. Or is it? And as I press on in this new life of prayer, please take my life and form me into a new creation in Your love and Mercy. This, of course, should be our hope. But if one is to attain Heaven, there must be a true interior conversion.

How do we assist those around us on this journey? The most important thing we can do is pray for them. At times, praying for another can seem futile and unproductive. We may not see any immediate results and conclude that praying for them is a waste of time. But do not let yourself fall into that trap. Praying for those whom God has put into your life is the greatest act of Mercy you can show them. And your prayer may actually be the key to their eternal salvation See Diary Think about those whom God has placed in your life.

Be it family, friends, co-workers or simple acquaintances, you have a duty to pray for them. Your daily prayer for those around you is an act of Mercy that can easily be exercised. Call to mind those in your life who may be in most need of prayer today and pause to offer them to God. As you do, God will pour grace upon them and He will also reward your own soul for this act of generosity.

I pray for my family, friends and for all those whom You have put in my life. I pray for those who have hurt me and for those who have no one to pray for them. Lord, I especially pray for mention one or more people who come to mind. Think of the most beautiful sunset possible, gleaming over the wide ocean in the evening with the sky radiant in color. Or think of the majestic mountain peaks piercing through a bright blue sky, or a mighty waterfall, pouring forth from the heights. All of these gifts of creation are glorious, beautiful and breath-taking.

We will be left in awe of His perfect unfailing love for us. But sometimes we cannot see His Mercy for what it is. Do you perceive all that He is?

Have you had moments when you have encountered His Mercy in an overwhelming way within your own soul? If not, spend time seeking to comprehend Him. Humble yourself before Him and ask Him to peel back the veil of His infinite love for you. Lord, I know You are merciful beyond what I could ever imagine. But there are many times when I do not understand You and Your ways.

I feel distant and lost. Help me to know Your love. Help me to see the splendor and beauty of who You are. And help me, as I come to discover You, to be drawn into a burning love for You. The secular world is filled with bad news. The newspapers, talk shows, and other forms of media thrive on sensational and exaggerated tragic events to keep our attention. And we, for our part, are often eager to share the latest gossip or criticism. But what about the good news? How often are you fascinated by this message and how often do you seek to tell the world about the Mercy of God?

See Diary Reflect upon that which you are most eager to share with others each and every day. Think about the joy you receive when you speak of the goodness and Mercy of God. Look for opportunities, this day, to share some joy about how great God is. Lord, help me to turn from the sensationalism and negativity of the secular world.

Reflections on Notebook One: 11-111

Help me, instead, to turn my eyes to You and Your glory. Give me courage, wisdom and love so that I may speak of You freely and joyfully. Lord, You are the Good News that must be shared everywhere. Help me to be a willing instrument. Is it possible to know that someone has a deep interior life of prayer? Most certainly it is. How about you? What does your soul radiate? When people see you, what do they sense? Certainly our perceptions of people can be wrong at times, but when God is alive in an abundant way, those who have eyes to see will see.

Those who are hungry for God will perceive His presence in your life and be fed by Him through you. Reflect upon how radiant your interior life is. And reflect upon whether or not that burning flame within is shining forth for others to see. And if it is not burning brightly and intensely, today is a good day to kindle that fire within. Lord, I invite You to come live in my soul. I invite You to fan into flame the spark of faith that I have. May Your love and Mercy become a blazing fire in me so that I may be consumed by You and so that others may sense Your love through me.

Sin is a topic that many avoid. But here is another perspective on sin. We should see our sin, no matter how grave or how small, as a little twig. And then we should see a huge and blazing fire. If you were to throw that twig into the fire it would immediately be consumed. We only need to be willing to admit our sins and throw them into that burning fire of Divine Mercy See Diary Can you admit your sin? Do you see your sin?

No excuses, just honesty. And are you willing to confess your sins, all of them, in the sacramental fire of Reconciliation? Try to examine your conscience today and face that which you need to let God burn away. Lord, Your Divine Mercy is infinite and most powerful. It is a flame of burning love. Help me to trust in You enough to face my sin honestly and to throw it into the fire of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

May I trust in this glorious Sacrament and, in so doing, may I trust in You. Jesus, I do trust in You. So that soldier pierced His precious body with a lance and immediately blood and water gushed forth from His wounded Heart. Ponder the fact that they were made possible only because Jesus was willing to sacrifice His life out of love for us. Let His sacrifice, this day, fill your own heart with gratitude and awe as you think about the price He willingly and freely paid so as to redeem us.

Lord, Your love is seen clearly in the Sacrifice of Your Cross. You held nothing back from us as You poured out Your Mercy to the last drop on the Cross. Help me to see and understand this great mystery of sacrificial love. Fill me with gratitude for all that You have done and help me to imitate this total self-giving toward others.

Oh blood and water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus, as a font of Mercy for us, I trust in You. Does your soul feel like it is in a spiritual drought at times? Do you wish you could have greater spiritual consolation in your daily life. This is a common struggle and one that we should not worry about. The primary goal of our spiritual life is to do the Will of God.

Often times, a certain spiritual dryness actually helps us live the Will of God more than powerful and emotional spiritual consolations. God knows what we need and will give it to us when we need it See Diary Consider, today, how you feel inside. What does your spiritual life feel like today? Now set that thought aside and realize that there is only one thing that ultimately matters: doing the Will of God, not feeling the Will of God. Contrast your feelings with your doing today and ask our Lord for grace to live out His Will.

Lord, I recommit myself to Your most holy Will this day. I commit myself to doing that which You command. May I see all Your commands as commands of love. May my embrace of these commands bring strength and peace to my soul, especially during times of spiritual dryness. Could you be happy if you were in prison? Or what if you were called at a young age to enter a cloistered monastery and live in seclusion throughout your life?

Could you find happiness if you were living in the utmost poverty having barely enough to feed your family each and every day? Happiness is not dependent upon the external circumstances of life that are out of our control. It is not dependent upon wealth, physical freedom, or even vocational callings. Happiness is found exclusively in the fact that we are intimately united with our Divine Lord, no matter what our vocation or life circumstances.

The question is whether or not you are in love with God See Diary Reflect upon your interior relationship with our Divine Lord. Do you know and love Him in a real and personal way? Do you daily communicate with Him and spend your day in His presence? Is your life of prayer alive and flourishing? Does your heart burst forth with a burning love? God loves you perfectly. Love Him back and you will find your source of your joy in life. My dear Lord, help me to love you with a burning love.

Help me to know You in the most intimate and personal of ways. I know that my happiness depends solely upon my love for You. May that love in my heart increase daily so that I may be one with You in all things. Do small sacrifices matter? Sometimes we can think that we should try to do great things. Some may have ideas of grandeur and dream of accomplishing some great feats. But what about the small, monotonous, daily sacrifices we make? Sacrifices such as cleaning, working, helping another, forgiving, etc.?

Do the small things matter? Most certainly. They are a treasure we give to God like none other. Small daily sacrifices are like a field in the open valley, filled as far as the eye can see with beautiful wild flowers. One flower is lovely, but when we commit ourselves to these small acts of love all day, every day, we present to God a flowing field of endless beauty and magnificence See Diary Reflect upon the small things today. What is it that you do each day that tires you and seems boring or unimportant.

Know that these acts, perhaps more than any other, present you with a glorious opportunity to honor and glorify God in a magnificent way. Lord, I offer You my day.

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I offer You all that I do and all that I am. I especially offer You the small things I do every day. May each action become a gift to You, offering You honor and glory throughout my day. When speaking to others, the love and Mercy of God must flow from our lips. But how? What should our speech look like? One way to examine our speech to others is to look at it in the light of how we should speak to God. When speaking to God we should speak with honesty, simplicity, humility and confidence.

Think of a sincere child praying to God. This pure soul exudes these qualities well. So should we. And if we speak to God with these qualities, they will also be a good guide in our speech to others See Diary Reflect upon the people and conversations that you have. Do you speak from pride or sarcasm? Do you struggle with gossip or carelessness? Joy will be present in each conversation guided by these virtues. Lord, help me to speak with a merciful and kind heart. Help me to guard my tongue against malice and harshness. Forgive me for my past indiscretions and help me to be a mouthpiece of Your generous and merciful Heart to others.

When you are at church, do you listen? Specifically, do you listen to the voice of God? Often times we sit and listen to the homily and our mind wanders and we miss all or most of what was said. Where does your mind wander? The truth is that sometimes a wandering mind is from the Lord. Sometimes there may be one thing said at Mass that our Lord then places on your heart to ponder.

Do not be afraid to let Jesus take you on a spiritual journey while at Mass or while alone in prayer. He may often wish to speak a homily directly to your soul See Diary Reflect, today, upon how well you reflect. True prayerful reflection is not simply daydreaming. Prayerful reflection is a way of letting God take hold of our imagination so as to lead us into His Truth.

He often desires to lead us into a particular word of Truth that we need to know at that time. How well do you do this? Ponder your prayerful pondering and next time you pray do not be afraid to let God take control. Lord, I know You speak to me day and night. Help me to hear Your sweet voice and to listen. Help me to allow You to take control of my prayer and to direct me into all You have to say. Are you comfortable calling Jesus your Master?

But what about Master? Ideally, we will all come to give ourselves to our Lord as the Master of our lives. We must not only become servants, we must become slaves. Slaves of Christ. He would be a Master who directs us with perfect commands of love. Since He is a God of perfect love, we should have no fear abandoning ourselves into His hands in this holy and submissive way See Diary Reflect, today, upon the joy of being totally given over to Christ and being completely under His direction.

Ponder every word you say and every action you do being lived in obedience to His perfect plan. We should not only be completely free from any fear of such a Master, we should run to Him and seek to live in perfect obedience. Lord, You are the Master of my life. I submit my life to You in a holy slavery of love. In this holy slavery, I thank You for setting me free to live and love as You desire. I thank You for commanding me in accord with Your most perfect Will.

Some people, day in and day out, experience the harshness and cruelty of another. This is quite painful. As a result, there can be a strong desire for justice so that the person causing pain be held accountable. But the real question is this: What is the Lord calling me to do?

How shall I react? Or shall I be an instrument of Mercy? The answer is both. We grow in patience and strength of character as we live in this virtuous way. In the end, at the end of time, God will right every wrong and all will come to light. But, for now, our mission is to bring the justice of God by offering His unlimited and continual Mercy See Diary Reflect upon any hurt you may have received from another.

Reflect upon any words or actions that have stung you to the heart. Try to accept them in silence and surrender. Lord, help me to forgive. Help me to offer Mercy in the face of every wrong I encounter. May the Mercy You place in my heart be the source of Your own divine justice. I entrust to You all that I cannot comprehend in this life and know that, in the end, You will make all things new in Your light. Some acts of love are meant to be shared only between lovers. Acts of the utmost intimacy and self-giving are precious gifts of love shared in the secrecy of a relationship of love.

This is also the case with our love of God. We should regularly look for ways to express our most profound love of God in ways that are known only to Him. In return, God will lavish merciful graces upon us, interiorly, known to us alone. These mutual exchanges of love are powerfully transforming to a soul and the source of the greatest delight See Diary Reflect, today, upon the intimacy of your relationship with our merciful God. Do you take great delight in showering Him with Your love?

Do you do so, regularly, in the secrecy of your heart. And do you open yourself to the countless ways that God bestows these graces of love upon you? May I delight in offering You my love and may I rejoice, always, in the secret and profound ways that You lavish Your love upon me. When others do well, how do you react? Most likely when a child does well it brings delight to your soul.

But what about others? A sure sign of a merciful heart is the ability to sincerely find joy in the good that others do. Too often jealousy and envy get in the way of this form of Mercy. Think about the person that you may find it difficult to offer praise and honor. Who is it that is difficult to compliment and encourage?

Why is it this way? We often point out their sin as the reason but the true reason is our own sin. It may be anger, envy, jealousy or pride. But the bottom line is that we must foster a spirit of joy in the good works of others. Reflect upon at least one person you find it difficult to love in this way and pray for that person today. Ask our Lord to give you a merciful heart so that you can rejoice as He works through others.

Lord, help me to see Your presence in others. Help me to let go of all pride, jealousy and envy and to love with Your merciful Heart. I thank You for working in many ways through the lives of others. Help me to see You at work even in the greatest of sinners. And as I discover Your presence, please fill me with a joy that expresses itself with authentic gratitude.

We all encounter struggles in life. In fact, the opposite is true. God is the answer to every struggle. He alone is the source of all we need in life. He is the One who can bring peace and serenity to our soul in the midst of any and every challenge or crisis we may face See Diary How do you deal with struggles, especially ones that turn into crises? How do you deal with daily stress and anxiety, problems and challenges, worries and failings?

How do you deal with your own sins and even the sins of others? These, and many other aspects of our lives, can tempt us to turn from total trust in God and lead us to fall into doubt. Reflect upon how well you handle daily struggles and adversity. Do you remain confident each and every day that our Merciful Lord is there for you as the source of peace and serenity in the midst of a turbulent ocean? Make an act of trust in Him this day and watch as He brings calm to any storm.

Lord, You and You alone can bring peace to my soul. When I am tempted by the difficulties of this day, help me to turn to You in perfect trust placing all my cares on You. Help me to never turn from you in my despair but to know with certainty that You are always there and are the One to whom I must turn. I trust You, my Lord, I trust You. Which image of Christ are you more comfortable with? Which image do you more easily identify with?

The image of Christ glorified as King of all? Or the image of the beaten and suffering Christ? In the end, we will fix our eyes on the Lord in glory and majesty and this will be our delight for eternity.

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However, while we are pilgrims in this earthly life, the suffering Christ should dominate our mind and our affection. Because it reveals the closeness of Jesus to us in our own weakness and pain. Seeing His wounds disposes us to reveal our own wounds with confidence. And seeing our own brokenness in truth and clarity helps us love our Lord more deeply. He entered into suffering through His Cross. He wants to personally enter your suffering as you gaze upon His wounds See Diary Look at the wounds of Jesus this day. Try to call His suffering to mind throughout the day.

His suffering becomes a bridge to us. A bridge that allows us to enter His divine Heart which loved to the last drop of blood. Lord, I gaze upon You this day. I gaze upon every wound and ever scourge that You bore.

Reflections on Notebook One: - Daily Reflections on Divine Mercy

Help me to draw close to You in Your pain and help me to allow You to transform my own sufferings into an instrument of divine union. It is a grace from God to see ourselves as we are. And what will we see if we see ourselves this way? We will see our misery and nothingness. At first, this may not be all that desirable. It may even seem contrary to the dignity we have in Christ. We are misery and nothingness by ourselves See Diary You will quickly see that without our divine Savior, you are truly miserable in every way.

This is the starting point to a deep gratitude in that it allows you to more fully realize all that God has done for you. And when you see this, you will rejoice in the fact that He has come to meet you in this nothingness and has lifted you high to the dignity of His precious child. Lord, may I see my misery and wretchedness this day. May I come to understand that without You I am nothing. And in that realization, help me to become eternally grateful for the precious gift of becoming Your dear child in grace.

When God enters your soul, He acts in such a way that you will never fully comprehend His workings. His grace and Mercy are such that they remain a mystery deeper than the oceans and more vast than the upper limits of the Universe. Will you ever comprehend the grace of God? Will you ever fully grasp all that He has done for you? But if you can become all the more aware of the fact that you cannot comprehend God and His love, then you are on the road to wisdom. Reflect upon the incomprehensible workings of grace today. Let yourself become aware of this mystery so that you will begin to know that you do not know.

And in that realization, you will be one step closer to understanding the Mercy of God. Lord, Your ways are so far above my ways and Your wisdom is so far above what my mind can ever fathom. Help me, this day, to see the mystery of Your incomprehensible nature. And in seeing this mystery, help me to begin to understand Your Mercy all the more.

The more we come to know Jesus, the more we desire Him. And the more we desire Him, the more we come to know Him. This is a beautiful cyclical experience of knowing and desiring, desiring and knowing See Diary Do you desire to know your precious Lord? Do you long for Him in a burning way? Reflect, also, upon the ways in which you do sense a real knowledge of Jesus. What does that knowledge of Him do to you? Allow it to move from your head to your heart, and from your heart to all your affections.

Allow Him to work on you, to draw you and to envelop you in His Mercy. Lord, help me to come to know You. Help me to comprehend You in Your perfection and Mercy. And as I do come to know You, flood my soul with a longing and desire for more of You. May this desire increase my love of You and help me to know You all the more. And which is more desirable? Sympathy simply means that we feel bad for another. It means, in a sense, that we pity them. But compassion goes much further. It means that we enter into their sufferings and carry their burden with them.

It means we suffer with them just as our Lord suffered with and for us. We must only seek to offer true compassion for others and to invite them to offer compassion to us See Diary How well do you offer true compassion? Do you see the hurt of others and seek to be there for them, encouraging them in Christ? And when you suffer, do you allow the compassion of others to flood your soul? Do you allow the Mercy of God to reach out to you through them?

Or do you seek only pity from others allowing yourself to fall into the trap of self-pity? Reflect upon the difference in these two qualities and ask our Lord to make your heart one of authentic compassion for all. Lord, please do give me a heart full of Mercy and compassion. Help me to be attentive to the needs of others and to reach out to them with Your own Divine Heart. May I long to bring Your healing grace to all those in need.

And may I never soak in my own self-pity or seek that pity from others. But may I be open to the compassion Your Heart desires to offer me through the love of others. The Blessed Sacrament is truly sacred. It is revered and treated with the greatest respect.

We would never throw our Lord away or discard Him on the floor or in some irreverent place. And yet we often fail to treat others with the same respect we show Jesus present in the Sacred Host See Diary Do you realize that each person is a tabernacle? Each person is an image of God and is precious and sacred beyond imagination.

We must see all people this way and we must seek to treat them with the greatest reverence and respect. In doing so, we honor our Divine Lord more than we could ever know. Reflect upon how you treat others this day. Reflect upon whether or not you treat them with the same love and respect you would show our Lord in the Sacred Host.

Ask Jesus to help you to see His divine presence in everyone you meet. Lord, may I love You always in all people. May I see You in every soul and honor Your divine presence within them. You, oh Lord, are alive in the heart of every creature. Perhaps everyone has experienced an unjust accusation by another. It may be because another is honestly mistaken about the facts or about our motivation for what we do. Or, it may be more malicious and cruel. Being falsely accused can be quite painful and will most likely tempt us to react in anger and defensiveness.

But what is the proper response to such nonsense? Finding out more about Obi, and his past, really gave me more perspective on why he is the way he is! It made me love him more, which I didn't think was possible! Jan 29, K. Brittany rated it it was amazing Jun 23, Mendi Estes-sample rated it liked it Feb 04, Tatianna Lancaster is currently reading it Jan 31, Dina marked it as to-read Apr 15, Shadow marked it as to-read May 22, Dragonr added it Jul 04, Alicejade Rochford marked it as to-read Feb 24, Kayla Stump marked it as to-read Jun 24, Beth Curl marked it as to-read Aug 27, About K.

Ogden aka Kristi Ogden was born in Ohio and grew up in the town of Wooster. Being that it was a pretty small town, the only thing that she had to do to occupy herself was to write stories about 90's rock stars with her friends. Upon her return to Ohio she started writing ag K. Upon her return to Ohio she started writing again, mainly writing fan fiction based on characters from Final Fantasy VII.

It was around this time that her hair began changing color and graphics started appearing on her arms. Being a fan of Japanese culture, she got the bright idea to work on a manga with a friend. Her debut novel, Sweet Burden is the manga that turned into a novel. Now that the Sweet Burden Series is done, she is venturing into other worlds.

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