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Apparently, Kim Stone met her nemesis, Dr. Alex has the devious skills needed to manipulate just about anyone to get what she wants; even from behind bars. Her next target - D. With three dead bodies and a ton of history between them, it comes down to who can outsmart who. Without a doubt, Kim Stone is a badass. You have to admire that about her. She might not have the best delivery, but her antics keep things interesting and her sidekick Byrant makes for an interesting match-up.

He's the only one that can sort of keep Kim in check and pull out a different side of her. It was an action-packed read that kept me guessing until the very end. View all 13 comments. Angela Marsons just keeps getting better and better And the first part of the plan worked. It was awesome.


I was awesome. I know it was the smile that get it. It's a smile perfected over the years. I have a good looking face. I know this. People stare and I smile. For that I used my practice performance smile. So one that has got me through life. It has got me everything I wanted.

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The smile that feels natura Angela Marsons just keeps getting better and better And the first part of the plan worked. The smile that feels natural on my face. The one that says I'm winning. My favorite smile. The execution of the plan was painful in its Simplicity. I offered to walk her home, smiled, look down and then up again, a question in my eyes. She hesitated. My smile turned tremulous. She nodded. There came up point on the journey when there was a choice.

Not about what I was doing. That was never in question. It was left to her house and write to mine. She wanted to go left. I did not. No one heard her scream. This instalment is no exception! Kim Stone is at her best, and yet, she remains vulnerable to emotional devastation stemming from her mother's abuse and the death of her twin brother when they were just young children. Despite the tough, unbreakable, driven, and stoic exterior, her childhood scars run deep, the damage irreparable. That's why she keeps everything, buried, sealed up in secret boxes in her mind.

Boxes she never opens. Few know her secret, know about her one weakness that can still bring her to the brink of insanity. Maybe beyond. She thinks she's safe. One enemy is in prison and is never getting out. The other is locked in a psychiatric hospital forever. Or are they? Once you start reading this series, you won't want to stop! View all 5 comments. Nov 06, Jean rated it it was amazing. Darn right I was! Blood Lines is the fifth book in the Kim Stone series, and it marks the return of Dr.

Alexandra Thorne, a sociopathic psychiatrist. Could a more dangerous combination exist than that of a person who is trained in understanding the workings of the mind but who has no emotional or moral compass to prevent her from manipulating others to do her bidding?

This includes injuring and killing other human beings. I will take the Wicked Witch any day! Kim, for her part, thinks she understands Alex, but can she resist her devious attempts to control her? Lions and tigers and bears…Stone and her team — Bryant, Dawson, and Stacey — investigate the stabbing death of a woman, which eventually appears to become the work of a serial killer. They have a suspect, but is he really the murderer?

Danger seems to lurk everywhere! Who is the real threat? As always, the characterization is superb! Kim Stone has been painted as lacking in social decorum, but she is someone I would want going to bat for me. She defends her team members to her boss when they go astray, then takes them aside and sets them straight. She goes above and beyond time and again for victims because there is a huge part of her that understands their pain.

That pain comes from the nightmare that was her childhood and from the emotional wounds inflicted by her mother that she has not allowed to heal.

Blood Lines (Victoria Nelson, book 3) by Tanya Huff

Alex Thorne knows this and seeks to exploit it. Will Kim recognize this? Will she understand that all of burden that she bears is due to her failure — her reluctance — her fear — of dealing with her past?

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I look forward to future episodes to see how she progresses. Alex Thorne. What can I say about this evil sorceress? I disliked her in Evil Games. But in this book, I just sat back and marveled at the genius behind this character. Has Alex met her match in the intelligent, fiercely determined Kim Stone? Thankfully, the witch did not go after Barney!

This was one thriller where I took a mostly passive role as a reader. I did not run to my room and hide, but I did not try to solve the puzzle either. There were so many surprises! I just sat back and enjoyed the ride. And, oh, what a ride! Alex vs Kim and team, oh my! Angela Marsons is the "Wizard of Ahs" 5 stars View all 16 comments. Dec 07, Brenda rated it it was amazing. Is Kim Stone becoming more human? It sure seems so in this book, and that makes her an even better character.

She's still feisty and brash, don't get me wrong! Everything we love about her is still there, but she's showing she cares more often. I just love Bryant to pieces. When he got all serious and called Kim "Kim" instead of "Guv" my heart melted. There's a lot of growth in Kevin Dawson in this book, and I see a bright future for him.

Stacy is, well, Stacy, diviner of all things digital. I be Is Kim Stone becoming more human?

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I believe her accent was more prominent in this book, and that added a little flavor. Dialogue is splendid! I love the banter between members of the team. On the downside, I really dreaded the Alex Thorne chapters. She is despicable to the max. I hope to never encounter her again. This is an excellent addition to the Kim Stone series, and I can't wait to see what's next!

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View all 18 comments. In her acknowledgements at the end of Blood Lines, author Angela Marsons writes 'Ultimately this became the book that I didn't want to finish. I didn't want to finish it either. It was one of those rare reads that I just wanted to go on forever. I savoured every page. I went back and reread parts, and rolled them around in my mind rather like you do with a good wine in your mouth, getting every particle of pleasure possible from it.

Blood Lines is the blue ribbon of the series - so far.

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Marsons In her acknowledgements at the end of Blood Lines, author Angela Marsons writes 'Ultimately this became the book that I didn't want to finish. Marsons never fails to astound me. Just when I think she can't possibly come up with anything better than she has already written, she goes and proves me wrong. Blood Lines is deliciously twisted, nail-biting, breath-taking reading.

Marsons is a master of her art. If you haven't yet read Marsons, I seriously suggest you start. And of course you must start at 1 Silent Scream. I defy you to stop there All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own. View all 11 comments. Unfortunately, this is my least favorite installment to date. It's not a bad read. It still has all the elements I have to come to love and expect from Marsons. I simply wasn't as into the case in this book as I have been with the other books though I think it was because I had high expectations.

I was psyched when I saw Dr. That aspect of the book was definitely interesting and kept me reading. I enjoyed delving deeper into Kim's life and how it shapes who she is. I also appreciated gaining more insight into her relationship with her team who I have come to regard as favorite characters. I just wasn't overly impressed by the whodunnit in this book.

I expected more based on all the emphasis put on the precise knife wounds, the lack of emotion displayed in the kills and the nonexistent leads which sent the team reeling. With that build-up, the killer simply didn't add up for me. I expected something bigger and definitely more sinister. Aside from that, this was still a solid book in the series. As always, looking forward to what the next book brings our way in what is definitely a top notch series. Dec 02, Jan rated it it was amazing Shelves: series , suspense , police-procedural , 5-stars.

Another delicious 5 star read from an author who is quickly becoming one of my top 5 favorites! If you don't know who Dr Alex Thorne is, you are truly missing out on one of the most devious and intriguing antagonists that I have run across. Marsons certainly knows how to create memorable characters! But don't start here. Dr Thorne makes her grand debut in book 2 Evil Games , but I recommend that you start right at book 1 Another delicious 5 star read from an author who is quickly becoming one of my top 5 favorites! You won't want to miss a single chapter of this amazing police procedural series that offers strong, believable characters and intricate story lines with complex mystery and suspense all wrapped up in under pages.

I can't get enough of Detective Kim Stone and look forward to what is next for her and her team. My only question: Have we seen the last of Dr. I certainly hope not! ARC from NetGalley Sep 04, Elaine rated it it was amazing Shelves: british-thrillers , thrillers , favorites , arc , best-reads. In my opinion its her best book so far and when you look at the ratings of her other books you know your going to be in for a classy fantastic roller coaster ride of a thriller but this one has just exceeded my expectations.

Detective Kim Stone is back to her best. Two bodies are found, both are killed in the same way but that is where the similarities end, there is nothing else to link the murders. One of the victims is a social worker and from an affluent area and another one is a young drug addict. Only two days into the week and she was already just one body short of a serial killer. Meanwhile Kim receives a letter from an old adversary, psychopath Dr Alex Thorne who is now in prison for her part in the manipulation of her patients.

Alex is going to win this time and nothing and no one will stand in her way for her own means as well as to get to Kim Stone, using Kim's mother and her terrible past to do it. Will Kim finally succumb and fall for Alex Thornes terrifying manipulation and destroy Kim once and for all or will she see through Alex's plans before another person is killed. A really excellent exciting thriller, with all the twists and turns you are kept hooked until the last page. Alex Thorne is just as chilling as ever.

What a fantastic character she is. Kim is still fighting her past demons and with news about her mother Fantastic twist at the end To fully enjoy this story I suggest you read in sequence. View all 22 comments. Nov 02, Ginger rated it it was amazing Shelves: Have I told you how much I love this series?!!

Blood Lines is the 5th book in the D. Blood Lines starts off with D. Kim Stone and her crew investigating the homicide of a caring, social worker named Deanna Brightman. It looks to be a car prowl gone wrong but this scenario could be further from the truth. But when a drug victim, Maxine Wakeman is found with the exact same wounds, the investigation becomes more complex. The crew is trying to link the two victims which has become difficult because there's nothing in common between the two women. As this plot direction is being developed, Blood Lines brings back Dr. Alex Thorne from the 2nd book in the series, Evil Games.

Hell yes, I love to hate Dr. Alex Thorne!!!! Alex Thorne is a sociopath and in prison. The cat and mouse game between Alex and Kim is fantastic. I love reading the interactions between the two and hoping Kim can keep strong and take out this evil bitch of a woman. Another excellent addition to the D. Kim Stone series! If you love crime detective books, look no further then this series. I have not been let down once while reading this series. The writing, plots and characterization is just excellent!! Sep 24, Emma rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley. Angela Marsons is back to her dangerously thrilling best in this instalment.

Not only is the terrible, manipulative Dr. Alex Thorne reaching back into her life, she has a complex case to deal with, and a serious look back into her past. It's cleverly plotted, keeps up energy throughout, and reveals so much more about how Kim became who she is today. Easily the best she's written, this book proves Angela Marsons is at the top of her game. Nov 27, Sean Peters rated it it was amazing. Firstly thank you to the publishers, who thankfully often grant me access to their new books, Net Galley and of course the very talented Angela Marsons, one of my favourites.

Apologies in the delay of reading, and also the time ready reading the book, work commitments not allowing me the time. In this case, two unrelated victims from entirely different backgrounds are discovered with a single fatal stab wound and, as ever, she is determined to get justice for them - thank heavens for Bryant, her trusty side-kick, who has ample diplomacy for the both of them when dealing with the general public and oddly uncooperative family members! One of the great strengths of the book, is the great dry humour and great characters of Stone's coldness and Bryant's attitude with her, a great relationship between the two.

This book also bringing Dawson's character forward more. Here we have the return of one nasty character in Dr Alexander Thorne, but Kim Stone is a lady you don't want to mess with and she shows that again when she has to entertain Alexandra Thorne's sick games. Alpha Infiltration Brody is an attentive and loving mate and Sarina finds herself engulfed by the love of her family. When things start to change with the twins though, Sarina finds herself torn in two.

Alpha Bait Lilith is on the loose, plotting and planning with Fenris to take down the Delta pack and its alpha, Romeo. Sarina and Brody have their work cut out for them in order to stop the hostile takeover. With their wedding on the horizon, both feel compelled to spend time with their family even as danger lurks around every corner. When the twin babies, Jedidiah and Brody Jr. Once the strigoi turn up and try to change Lee into one of them he instead dies then Sydney, Adrian, and the two strigoi get into a fight. One strigoi goes to drink Sydney's blood, but cannot as it is too vile and tastes horrible, but as they feed on Adrian.

Sydney uses a fire charm that she created on a whim of her history teacher Mrs. Terwilliger to distract the strigoi. Just then, Eddie and Jill show up and with the help of Jill's water magic Eddie kills both strigoi. After the encounter, the alchemist offer Sydney Keith's apartment, but knowing Adrian's wishes, she instead asks that Adrian be given the apartment in exchange for his assistance in the research into spirit users and Strigoi and why they cannot be reawakened.

Sydney instead requests her own dorm room on campus, allowing her to continue to watch Jill. Back at school, Sydney confronts her teacher about the amulet, and the teacher confesses she had known about vampires all along as well as Alchemists. She believes that Sydney has an innate magical ability, and it was that ability that gave the amulet its power. Abe Mazur, Rose's father, arrives with Jill's new roommate — a Dhampir named Angeline who Sydney met while on the run with Rose the previous year. Adrian realizes that Abe has been keeping a close eye on Palm Springs because of Nevermore — and that Abe himself is likely trafficking vampire blood as well.

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Abe, in turn, reveals to Adrian that the reason Sydney had been forced to obey his commands was that Sydney had contracted him for an attack on Keith that left him with a glass eye — retribution for Keith's rape of her sister. Critical reception for Bloodlines has been positive, [4] [5] with UT San Diego writing that it "stands out from the crowded vampire genre because it's not centered on a human-vampire romance".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For the series, see Bloodlines book series. Entertainment Weekly. Retrieved 22 November Seattle PI. RT Book Reviews.