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This Quiz is for the first book, 'Flight of the Eagles'. Difficulty: Average. Played times. As of Jul 09 What did Josh Adams' schoolmates call him? Ichabod Crane. Jabba The Hut. Who came to live at the Adams' house a year before the adventure began? Sarah Collingwood. Dave Cooper.

Abigail Roberts. Finish the first part of the song. Answer: Four Words. Finish the second part of the song. The beast will be forever stilled,' Answer: Four Words Finish with exclamation mark, start with a capital. Where was the third Sleeper found? In a sea monster.

"Flight of the Eagles," by Gilbert Morris, Book Trailer

In a sand pit. In a beehive.

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In a tower. Who gave the gold heart to Sarah? A man in the night. A man in the day. Who were Seven Sleepers Servants of?

Flight of Eagles

The Dark Lord. Who is the leader of the Seven Sleepers? What was Josh's dad's name in the new world? What are the order that the Sleepers came out of the sleep Capsules?

Answer: 7 Words - Use comas. Answer: One Word. Before the adventure began what were Sarah's parents? What are Mat and Tam? Enter email address. Welcome to Christianbook. Sign in or create an account.

Flight of the Eagles (Seven Sleepers Series #1)

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