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A section consist of two stanzas, which shall have the same melody; the stanza is a group of so many lines, the line has its rhyme at the end. Thereupon follows the Aftersong which is also to be so many lines long and have its own special melody which is not to occur in the stanza. Each Mastersong shall have several units in this ratio; and whoever composes a new song which does not for more than four syllabies encroach upon other Master's melodies - his song may win a -master's prize.

Darauf so folgt der Abgesang, der sei auch etlich' Verse lang, und hab' sein' besond're Melodei, als nicht im Stollen zu finden sei. Like the clanging of bells the throng of jubilation rings out! The forest, how soon it answers to the call which brought it new life, and struck up the sweet song of spring!

During this, repeated groans of discouragement and scratchings of the chalk are heard from the Marker. Walther hears them too, and after a momentary pause of discomposure continues. In a thorn-hedge, consumed with jealousy and grief, winter, grimly armed, had to hide himself away: with dry leaves rustling about him he lies in wait and plans how he might harm this joyful singing.

That was the call in my breast when it was still ignorant of love. Er steht vom Stuhle auf Doch: fanget an! So rief es mir in der Brust, als noch ich von Liebe nicht wusst'. I felt it rising deep within me as if it were waking me from a dream; my heart with its quivering beats filled my whole bosom: my blood pounds all-powerfully, swollen by this new feeling; from a warm night and with superior strength this host of sighs swells to a sea in a wild tumult of bliss: the breast, how soon it answers the call which brought it new life: strike up the majestic song of love!

He holds out the slate, completely covered with chalk marks. My lady's praises am I only now reaching with my melody. You're finished here! Masters, look at the slate: in all my life there has been nothing like it! I shouldn't belive it, even if you all swear to it! Am I to remain unheard by all? You are angry. Die Brust mit Lust antwortet sie dem Ruf, der neu ihr Leben schuf; stimmt nun an das hehre Liebeslied. Hier habt ihr vertan! Doch dass der Junker hier versungen hat, I'll first show before the Masters' assembly. To be sure, it will be a hard task: where begin, when there was no beginning nor end to it?

Of false number and false grouping I'll make absolutely no mention: too short, too long, who might find an end there? Who would seriously call this a unit? I'll accuse him only of Blind Meaning; say, could a meaning be more meaningless? I must admit no one could descry its end. It made one uneasy! ZORN And nothing behind it! Or declare outright that he has sung his chance away? Not so fast! Not everyone shares your opinion.

Zwar wird's 'ne harte Arbeit sein: wo beginnen, da wo nicht aus noch ein? Wer meint hier im Ernst einen Bar? Auf "blinde Meinung" klag' ich allein, Sagt, konnt' ein Sinn unsinniger sein? Es ward einem bang! ZORN Auch gar nichts dahinter! Nicht so geeilt! Nicht jeder eure Meinung teilt. If you wish to measure according to rules something which does not agree with your rules, forget your own ways, and first seek its rules! That's right! Now you hear it: Sachs is opening a loop-hole for bunglers who come and go as they please and follow their own frivolous course. Sing to the people on the market-place and in the streets; here admittance is only by the rules.

Why so little calm? Your judgement, it seems to me, would be more mature if you listened more carefully. That's why I'll finish by sayng that we must hear the knight to the end. But it is written: "The Marker shall be so disposed that neiter hatred nor love obscure the judgement which he gives.

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Des Ritters Lied und Weise, sie fand ich neu, doch nicht verwirrt; verliess er unsre Gleise, schritt er doch fest und unbeirrt. Wollt ihr nach Regeln messen, was nicht nach eurer Regeln Lauf, der eignen Spur vergessen, sucht davon erst die Regeln auf! Singet dem Volk auf Markt und Gassen! Hier wird nach den Regeln nur eingelassen. Was doch so wenig Ruh'!

Rather should he take care that nothing pinches my toes! But since my cobbler is a great poet thinas look bad for my footwear! Look how sloppy they are, they flap everywhere!

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All his verses and rhymes I'd glady have him leave at home, histories, plays, and farces too if he'd bring me my new shoes tomorrow! SACHS You do right to remind me; but is it fitting, Masters, tell me, that, if I make a little verse for even the donkey-driver's soles, I should write nothing on those of our highly learned town clerk? Walther, much put out, remounts the Singer's seat The little verse which would be worthy of you I with all my humble poetic gifts have not yet found; but it will surely come to me now, when I've heard the knight's song - so let him sing on undisturbed! An end!

Zum Schluss! What more should we hear? Unless it were to delude you? Each mistake, great and small, see it recorded exactly on the slate. A "Patch-Song" here between the stanzas! A quite incomprehensible melody! A confused brew of all the tones! If you aren't put off by the toil, Masters, count the faults with me! He'd have failed with his eighth, but no one has yet got as far as he: certainly over fifty, at a rough count! Say, do you elect him Master? I see it clearly! It looks bad for the knight! Let Sachs think of him what he will, he must be silent here in the Singing-school!

Is everyone of us not at liberty to decide whom he wishes as colleague? If every stranger were welcomed what worth would the Masters then have? How the knight is toiling away! Sachs has chosen him for his own. It's really vexatious! So put a stop to it! Up, Masters, vote and raise your hands! If I yield to superior forces here I foresee it will trouble me. How gladly I should see him admitted. He'd be a worthy son-in-law. If I am now to bid the victor welcome, who knows if my child will choose him! I admit that it torments me - will Eva choose the Master? Jeden Fehler, gross und klein, seht genau auf der Tafel ein.

Ein "Flickgesang" hier zwischen den Stollen! Mag Sachs von ihm halten, was er will, Hier in der Singschul' schweig' er still! Bleibt einem Jeden doch unbenommen, wen er sich zum Genossen begehrt? Drum macht ein End'! Auf, Meister! In vast nocturnal horde how they all begin to croak with their hollow voices - Magpies, crows and jackdaws! There rises up on a pair of golden wings a wondrous bird: its dazzling bright plumage shines light in the breezes; blissfully hovering now and again it beckons me to fly and flee. My heart swells with sweet pain, in my need wings sprout; it soars in bold progress to fly through the air up from the tombs of cities to its native hill to the green Vogelweide where Master Walther once set me free; there I sing bright and clear in honour of my dearest lady: upwards then climbs - though Master-Crows are unfriendly to it - the proud love-song.

Farewell, you Masters here below! With a gesture of proud contempt, Walther leaves the Singer's Chair and the building. There is general confusion, augmented by the apprentices, who shoulder the benches and Marker's box, causing hindrance and disorder to the Masters who are crowding to the door SACHS Ha, what spirit! What glow of inspiration! You Masters, be quiet and listen! Listen when Sachs beseeches you!

Master Marker, favour us with some peace! Let others listen! Grant but that! In vain! Every endeavour is in vain! One can scarcely hear oneself speak! No one will heed the knight. There's spirit for you, to carry on singing! His heart's in the right place: a true poet-knight! If I, Hans Sachs, make verse and shoes, he's a knight and a poet too!

Ade, ihr Meister, hienied'! All' eitel Trachten! Kaum vernimmt man sein eig'nes Wort; des Junkers will keiner achten: das nenn' ich Mut, singt der noch fort! Das Herz auf dem rechten Fleck, ein wahrer Dichter-Reck! The flowery garland of fine silks - will it be granted to the knight? Between the two houses is a narrow alley winding towards the back of the stage.

One house, grand in style, is Pogner's; the other, simple in style, is Sachs's. In front of Pogner's house there is a lime-tree, in front of Sachs's an elder. It is a pleasant summer evening and during this scene night falls. St John's Day! Flowers and ribbons in plenty! Sing your silly songs alone! If you weren't so proud you'd look round - if you weren't so silly! Turn round to me! Mistress Lena! You here? Just look inside! That's for my dear little treasure.

But first, quickly, how did the knight fare? You advised him well? He won the garland? It's a sad sory: he has completely sung away his chance! Singt allein eure dummen Lieder! Kehr' dich zu mir! Erst aber schnell, wie ging's mit dem Ritter? Du rietest ihm gut?


Er gewann den Kranz? Da steht's bitter; der hat vertan und versungen ganz! No titbits for you! God help us! Our knight undone! She goes back into the house, wringing her hands in despair. How successfully he has wooed! We all heard, and saw it too: she to whom he has given his heart and for whom he would give his life - she hasn't given him the basket.

Hold your tongues this minute! Every man woos as he wishes. The Master woos! The apprentice woos! There's much flirtation and cuddling! The old man woos the young maiden, the apprentice the old maid! David is about to fly at the boys in his temper, when Sachs, who has come down the alley, steps between them.

Do I catch you fighting again? Nichts zu naschen! Hilf Gott! Unser Junker vertan! Heil zur Eh' dem jungen Mann! Gleich haltet das Maul! Da freit ein jeder, wie er mag. Der Meister freit, der Bursche freit, da gibt's Geschlamp' und Geschlumbfer! Der Alte freit die junge Maid, der Bursche die alte Jumbfer! Treff' ich dich wieder am Schlag? They're singing coarse songs. Learn better than they! To rest! Get inside! Lock up and light a lamp. Put the new shoes on the last for me! Zur Ruh', ins Haus! Schliess und mach' Licht! Die neuen Schuh' steck' mir auf den Leisten! I'd like a word with him.

Shall I go in? David comes out of the inner room with a light and sits down to work at the bench by the window EVA He seems to be at home: there's a light within. But what for?

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  7. Better not! He turns away If someone is about to risk something unusual what advice would he accept? And if I left the beaten track was it not in his way? But was it perhaps vanity, too? EVA An obedient child speaks only when asked. How good! Come, sit down here for a while with me on the bench. He sits on the stone seat under the lime-tree EVA Won't it be too cool? It was very close today.

    That suggest that tomorrow will be the most beautiful day. Zu was doch? Besser nein! Er wendet sich ab Will einer Seltnes wagen, was liess' er sich dann sagen? Er sinnt nach War er's nicht, der meint', ich ging' zu weit? Und blieb' ich nicht im Geleise, war's nicht auf seine Weise? Doch war's vielleicht auch Eitelkeit? Er wendet sich zu Eva Und du, mein Kind? Du sagst mir nichts? EVA Ein folgsam Kind, gefragt nur spricht's. Komm' setz' dich hier ein' Weil' noch auf die Bank zu mir. Er setzt sich auf die Steinbank unter der Linde. O child, don't your heartbeats tell you what happiness may be yours tomorrow, when Nuremberg, the whole city with burghers and commoners, with guilds, people, and high council, shall assemble before you so that you may award the prize, that noble garland, as consort to the Master of your choice?

    EVA Dear father, must it be a Master? But just go in - I'm coming, Lena, I'm coming! EVA as before The nobleman, I thought? EVA Haven't you seen him today? But no What then? EVA Come, dear papa! Go and change! EVA zerstreut ja, meiner Wahl. Doch tritt nur ein - laut, zu Magdalene gewandt gleich, Lene, gleich zum Abendmahl! EVA wie oben Wohl den Junker? EVA Sahst ihn heut' nicht? Nicht doch! Was denn?

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    Geh', kleid' dich um. What's going round in my head? EVA He was still and silent. EVA disturbed The knight? God help me, what am I to do? Ah Lena! What anguish! How can we find out? EVA Ah, he's fond of me! Of course, I'll go to him. Your father would notice if we stayed any longer.

    After supper! Then I shall have more to say that someone has secretly entrusted to me. EVA Who then? The nobleman? EVA That should be good! They go into the house Hm! Was geht mir im Kopf doch 'rum? EVA Blieb still und stumm. EVA erschrocken Der Ritter? Was fing' ich an? Ach Lene, die Angst! Wo was erfahren? EVA heiter Ach! Der hat mich lieb: gewiss, ich geh' hin. Nach dem Mahl! Dann hab' ich dir noch was zu sagen, im Abgehen auf der Treppe was jemand geheim mir aufgetragen. EVA sich umwendend Wer denn? Der Junker? EVA Das mag was Rechtes sein! Sie gehen in das Haus. He turns to David, who is still at his work-bench Show me!

    It's good. Move my table and stool up by the door there! Go to bed! Be up in good time, sleep off your folly and be sensible tomorrow! Heaven knows! Why's the Masters staying up late tonight? David goes into the inner room which overlooks the street Sachs arranges his work, sits on his stool at the door, and then, laying down his tools again, leans back, resting his arm on the closed lower half of the door SACHS So mild, so strong and full is the scent of the elder tree! It relaxes my limbs gently, wants me to say something.

    What is the good of anything I can say to you? I'm but a poor, simple man. If work is not to my taste, you might, friend, rather release me; I would do better to stretch leather and give up all poetry. He tries again to get down the work, with much noise. Er wendet sich zu David, der an seinem Werktische verblieben ist Zeig her! Leg' dich zu Bett', steh' auf beizeit: verschlaf' die Dummheit, sei morgen gescheit!

    Gott weiss was! Warum wohl der Meister heute wacht? Was gilt's, was ich dir sagen kann? I feel it, and cannot understand it; I cannot hold on to it, nor yet forget it; and if I grasp it wholly, I cannot measure it! But then, how should I grasp what seemed to me immeasurable? No rule seemed to fit it, and yet there was no fault in it.

    It sounded so old, and yet was so new, like birdsong who heard a bird singing and, carried away by madness, imitated its song, would earn derision and disgrace! Spring's command, sweet necessity placed it in his breast: then he sang as he had to; and as he had to, so he could: I noticed that particularly. The bird that sang today had a finely-formed break; if he made the Masters uneasy, he certainly pleased Hans Sachs well! Doch wie wollt' ich auch fassen, was unermesslich mir schien? Kein' Regel wollte da passen, und war doch kein Fehler drin. Dem Vogel, der heute sang, dem war der Schnabel bald gewachsen; macht' er den Meistern bang, gar wohl gefiel er doch Hans Sachsen!

    Still so busy? Dear Eva! Up so late? And yet, I know why so late: the new shoes? EVA How wrongly he guesses! I have not yet even tried the shoes yet; they are so beautiful and richly adorned that I have not yet dared put them on my feet. EVA Who then might the bridegroom be? EVA How do you know then that I am to be a bride?

    The whole town knows that. EVA Well, if the whole town knows, then friend Sachs has good authority! I thought he knew more. EVA Well, think! Will I have to tell him? Am I so stupid? Noch so fleissig? Lieb' Evchen? Sie setzt sich dicht neben Sachs auf den Steinsitz. EVA Wie wisst ihr dann, dass ich Braut? Das weiss die Stadt. EVA Ei, seht doch!

    Ich bin wohl recht dumm? EVA Then might you be shrewd? EVA You know nothing? You say nothing? Well friend Sachs, now I truly perceive that pitch is not wax. I would have thought you sharper. Both wax and pitch are familiar to me: with wax I coated the silken threads with wich I made your dainty shoes: today I am making shoes with thicker yarn, and pitch is required for a rougher customer. EVA Who is that? Someone important? A master proud, intent on wooing, plans to be sole victor tomorrow: I must finish Herr Beckmesser's shoes.

    EVA Then take plenty of pitch for them: then he will stick to it and leave me in peace! EVA Why he then? EVA Might not a widower be successful? EVA How so, too old? Art is what matters here! Das sag' ich nicht. EVA Ihr wisst nichts? Ihr sagt nichts? Ei, Freund Sachs, jetzt merk' ich wahrlich: Pech ist kein Wachs.

    EVA Wer ist denn der? Wohl was recht's? EVA Wieso denn der? EVA Ei was! Hier gilt's der Kunst, Let him who understands it woo me. EVA Not I! It is you, who are making excuses! Admit that you are fickle. God knows who may dwell in your heart now! Yet I thought I'd been there for many a year. EVA I see, it was only because you were childless. EVA But your wife died, and I've grown tall. EVA Then I thought: you might take me for wife and child into your house. Yes, you have thought it out well for yourself. EVA I think the Master is just laughing at me. And in the end would ha cheerfully, under his very nose and in the sight of all, let Beckmesser win me tomorrow with his song?

    Your father alone might know the solution. EVA Where does a Master keep his brains? Would I come to you if I could find the answer at home? SACHS wer sie versteht, der werb' um mich.

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    EVA Nicht ich, ihr seid's, ihr macht mir Flausen! Gesteht nur, dass ihr wandelbar. Gott weiss, wer euch jetzt im Herzen mag hausen! Glaubt ich mich doch d'rin so manches Jahr. EVA Ich seh', 's war nur, weil ihr kinderlos. EVA Doch, starb eure Frau, so wuchs ich gross? Ja, ja! EVA Ich glaub', der Meister mich gar verlacht? You're right: my brain is in a whirl. I've had many cares and troubles today: so it may well be that something's sticking. EVA drawing close to him At the singing-school summoned today? A song-trial caused me distress. EVA Ah, Sachs! You should have said so at once, I wouldn't have vexed you then with unnecessary questions.

    Now, tell me, who was it who asked for a trial? EVA A knight? Tell me, was he admitted? There was much dispute. EVA Then tell me, say, how did it go? If it caused you trouble, how could it leave me in peace? So he fared badly, and failed? EVA Hopelessly? Might there be no way of helping him? Did he sing so badly, so faultily, that nothing can help him to become a Master? Ach, ja! Hast recht: 's ist im Kopf mir kraus. Hab' heut' manch' Sorg' und Wirr' erlebt: da mag's dann sein, dass was d'rin klebt. Eine Freiung machte mir Not. EVA Ja, Sachs! Nun sagt, wer war's, der Freiung begehrt?

    EVA wie heimlich Ein Junker? Mein, sagt! Und ward er gefreit? Macht's euch Sorg', wie liess' mir es Ruh'? Sang er so schlecht, so fehlervoll, dass nichts mehr zum Meister ihm helfen soll? EVA Then tell me further whether he won none of the Masters as a friend? He before whom everyone felt so small! Squire High and Mighty, let him go! May he fight his way through the world; what we learned with dificulty and labour, let us savour in peace; let him not run amok among us, but may Fortune smile upon him somewhere else.

    EVA rising angrily Yes, it shall smile upon him somewhere other than among you nasty, jealous little men; where hearts still glow warm, in despite of all malicious Master Hanses! At once! I'm just coming! What comfort could I take from here? It stinks of pitch here, may God have mercy! Let him burn it, then at least he'd grow warm! She crosses the street hastily to Magdalena and remains in agitation at her own door SACHS with a meaningful nod of his head I thought so. Now we must find a way! During the following he closes the upper half of his door too, so as to leave only a little crack of light showing.

    Where are you, so late? Your father was calling. Hear me! Let me have my word. Den Junker Hochmut, lasst ihn laufen! EVA erhebt sich zornig Ja! Ich komme schon! Da riecht's nach Pech, dass Gott erbarm'! Nun heisst's: schaff Rat! Wo bliebst du nur so spat! Der Vater rief. Komm' ich dazu? EVA That's all I needed! If only he would come! EVA What's he to me? EVA Do you see nothing yet? EVA Would it were he! EVA Not until I've seen the dearest of men! Come now, or your father will notice something!

    EVA Ah! EVA You'll go to the window in my place. EVA Das fehlte auch noch! EVA Was soll mir der? EVA Siehst du noch nichts?

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    6. EVA Nicht eh'r, bis ich sah den teuersten Mann! Jetzt komm', sonst merkt der Vater die Geschicht'! EVA Ach! He sleeps on the alley side! That would be fine! EVA I hear footsteps there. EVA Even nearer! It's nothing, I'll wager, Oh come! You must, till your father's in bed. She tries to drag Eva indoor by her arm Do you hear? Your knight is far away. Du musst, bis der Vater zu Bett. Dein Ritter ist weit! EVA sees Walther There he is! Now we must be cunning! She hurries into the house EVA Yes, it is you, it is you! I'll tell everything, for you know it; I'll bewail everything, for I know it; you are both hero of the prize and my only friend.

      I'm only your friend, not yet worthy of prize, not the equal of the Masters: my inspiration met with contempt, and I know I may not aspire to my fair friend's hand! EVA How wrong you are! Your friend's hand alone will award the prize; as her heart has discovered your courage, only to you will she give the garland. My friend's hand, even if it were destined for no one in particular, would, bound by her father's will, still be lost to me.

      EVA erblickt Walther Da ist er! Nun heisst's: gescheit! Alles sag' ich, denn ihr wisst es; alles klag' ich, denn ich weiss es: ihr seid beides, Held des Preises, und mein einz'ger Freund! EVA Wie du irrst! That's what gave me courage; though everything seemed strange to me I sang full of love and ardour that I might win the rank of Master. But these Masters! Ha, these Masters! The gluey, sticky nature of these rhyming laws! My gall rises, my heart stands still, when I think of the trap into which I was lured! Away to freedom! That's where I belong - where I'm Master in the house!

      If I'm to woo you today, I beseech you now, come, and follow me away from here! There's nothing to hope for, there's no choice! Everywhere Masters I see like evil spirits, ganging up to mock me: with their guilds, from Marker's boxes, from every corner, in every spot I see nothing but Masters crowding together, with scornful nods gazing insolently at you, surrounding you in circles and rings, nasally and shrilly demanding you as their bride, as Master's mistress in the Singer's Chair lifting you trembling and quaking up on high!

      Should I suffer this, should I not dare doughtily to join in the fight? Das eben gab mir Mut: wie ungewohnt mir alles schien, ich sang voll Lieb' und Glut, dass ich den Meisterschlag verdien'. Doch, diese Meister! Dieser Reimgesetze Leimen und Kleister! Mir schwillt die Galle, das Herz mir stockt, denk' ich der Falle, darein ich gelockt. Fort, in die Freiheit! Nichts steht zu hoffen; keine Wahl ist offen! Eva takes him soothingly by the hand EVA Beloved, spare your anger! It was only the night-watchman's horn. Beneath the lime-tree hide yourself quickly: the watchman is coming.

      It's time! Take your leave! EVA Shouldn't I? EVA From the Masters' court. He comes forward singing, turns the corner of Pogner's house, and goes off Hear, people, what I say, the clock has struck ten; guard your fire and also your light so that no one comes to harm! Praise God the Lord! SACHS who has listened to the foregoing from behind his shop door, now opens it a little wider, having shaded his lamp Wicked goings-on, I see: an elopement afoot, indeed! Watch out: that must not be! Schrei Ha!

      Lobet Gott den Herrn! Das darf nicht sein. Oh what torment! Eva turns from the house in Magdalena's dress But yes! Is that her? Woe is me, no! Eva sees Walther and hurries towards him It's the older one! But it EVA The foolish child: you've got her, there she is! Yes, now I surely know that I've won the Master-prize. EVA But no time for thought now! Away, away from here!

      Oh, if only we were already far away! As they turn towards the alley Sachs places his lamp behind a glass bowl and sends a bright stream of light through the new wide-open door across the street, so that Eva and Walther suddenly find themselves illuminated EVA hastily pulling Walther back Oh dear, the cobbler! If he were to see us! Don't go near him! EVA Through the street there: but it's winding and I don't know it well; and we would meet the watchman there.

      EVA Not till the cobbler leaves his window. O, der Pein! EVA Doch nun kein Besinnen! Von hinnen! Der Schuster! EVA Don't show yourself to him: he knows you! EVA It's Sachs! My friend?

      German proverbs

      EVA Don't belive it! Ho could only speak ill of you. EVA Zeig dich ihm nicht: er kennt dich. EVA 's ist Sachs. Mein Freund! EVA Glaub's nicht! Him too? I'll put out his light! Auch er? But listen!

      DIE HÜTER DES LICHTS Trailer 2 German Deutsch HD 2012

      EVA Ah, what trouble! On hearing the first sounds of the lute, Sachs has, as if struck by a new idea, withdrawn his light and gently opened the lower half of his shop-door WALTHER What, are you afraid? The cobbler EVA Alas! Don't you see? Someone else has come and taken up this position. What does he want here so late at night? EVA It's Beckmesser here already! SACHS has placed his work-bench on the threshold. He now hears Eva's exclamation Aha!

      I thought so! In my power? I have betrothed mysef to you from eternity to eternity. Oboe solo, Continuo. Soul: Mein Freund ist mein, My friend is mine,. Jesus: Und ich bin dein, and I am yours,. Both: Die Liebe soll nichts scheiden. Nothing shall divide our love. Soul: Ich will mit dir in Himmels Rosen weiden, I want to graze on heaven's roses with you,. Jesus: du sollst mit mir in Himmels Rosen weiden, You will graze on heaven's roses with me,.

      There will be fullness of joy, there will be delight. Gloria sei dir gesungen May gloria be sung to you Mit Menschen- und englischen Zungen, with the tongues of men and angels, Mit Harfen und mit Zimbeln schon. Des sind wir froh, Therefore we are joyful, Io, io! Ewig in dulci jubilo. Home Page. Biblical quotations in green font , chorales in purple.

      Chorus [S, A, T, B]. Recitative [Tenor]. Chorale [Tenor]. Recitative [Bass].