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Save to Favorites. Product Actions Add to cart options. Forever Labs grew out of the research of Mark Katakowski, a doctor of medical physics who has been studying adult mesenchymal stem cells which are found in skeletal tissue since He'd been on the first team that used MSCs to treat stroke in animals.

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Now, there are hundreds of human trials, many of them Phase 3 studies, in which a treatment already proved safe and efficacious is evaluated against existing options. The past decade has brought rapid advances in the applications of adult stem cells, which come without the ethical baggage of embryonic stem cells, the subject of a strict federal funding ban from through One particular property of MSCs intrigued Katakowski: Their regenerative powers degrade over time, in lockstep with the aging process.

Human stem cells lose their potency slowly from about age 20, and then more quickly after age The conventional interpretation has been that stem cells, like tissue, wear out with age.

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But maybe that was backward, Katakowski wondered. What if the symptoms of aging result from a decline in the body's population of healthy stem cells, which, when abundant, keep disease and decay in check? Hoping to investigate this hypothesis, Katakowski wrote a pair of grant proposals in , but he found no takers. After the rejection, he commiserated with his friend Steve Clausnitzer. The two had been close since meeting through their wives a decade earlier and had even teamed up on a business, launching a Reddit-like website called Hubski.

Clausnitzer, a business-development executive and veteran of American Express and Wolters Kluwer, was intrigued.

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He mentioned the conversation to a friend of his, an orthopedic surgeon, who told him that autologous stem cell injection which uses cells harvested from one's own body rather than cells taken from a donor was increasingly a first-line therapy for sports injuries. There were many services available to new parents who wanted to bank their newborns' stem-cell-rich umbilical-cord blood, but nothing for adults looking to stash away their own young cells. So Clausnitzer and Katakowski agreed to start Forever Labs.

For Katakowski, the inspiration came when he was 14 years old. He was confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life and, in , he died at age Had the accident taken place today, stem cell injection would have helped him, Katakowski believes. Their idea got a boost when Clausnitzer and Katakowski were accepted into the class of Y Combinator, the influential Silicon Valley startup accelerator.