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Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Director: Kartikye Gupta. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Edit Cast Cast overview: Alessandra Hajaj Abigail Mohit Shrivastava Vijay Francis Cronin Vincent Adra Janean Fenstermaker Delia Beata Borelius Edit Storyline A rich young girl, realizes that someone broke into her house.

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Taglines: Life can change in an instant. Country: USA. Language: English Hindi. Runtime: 13 min. Color: Color. Add the first question.

Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Edit page. Clear your history. IMDb Everywhere. Follow IMDb on. DPReview Digital Photography. Audible Download Audio Books. I thought if I only spoke to them long enough I could make them see. They eat and sleep and shit as you tell them, and toss and turn in nightmares of the euthanasia table! If my death allows my message to find a foothold in just one mind, it will not be in vain.

You do. Sally peek-a-views his eyes and her hair straightups like the time she built her ownfirst comp and pluggered it in. Maximus grows, Maximus glows, he towers on tippytoes like his wholeself is grounding a thousand volts. Maybe I want to take my chances on the street! The kittens splode everywhere with squealies of excitement. Sally zooms for the porto and yankles it wide, scootering thru and sliding it to twitchily a whiskerwidth open.

She is crilering, big droppers of tears leaking outdown her face. Call the papers! Call your state representative! Sally shutters her porto and standstills in a room of giant dogs. The dogs wender slowlike round the room; one littlifts his leg and peepees on the wall. The peepee drippers to the smartfloor, where it depears.

Sally peek-a-views her little brownie eyes, her giantish sharp teeth. Nobody has ever unfriended Sally. Sally trambles thru the dogs, peek-a-viewing on tippytoes upover their backs for the exit. She mislost the wall! The big brown dog shutters her eyes and startoffs to whingle, followfinding Sally cross the smartfloor. All the other dogs stop and starrel at Sally, standwaiting for her answer.

Sally starrels back. She dropprots and minds long and hardly re magic many things. This room is brimful of puppies. Must be the Norange. She trambles out into the midcenter of the room and gain drops expertlike on her prot. The puppies blinky back at her, stundled and silentshy. The puppy is little and gray, with floopy ears and magic big paws. He has glittery black protuberating eyes. Sally tries to huglift the puppy, but he straggles like the kitten. She feelies sicklike and tries to smilie.

Why does she needwant to sniffle and crile? Sally stends her arms, and the puppy scaredlike climbers into her laptop. Sally huglifts him, tres gentlewisp. He is magic small and tremblies in her hands. Sally minds Maximus, how big and pillowy his side is. This puppy is all skin and bonies and tremble. Sally peek-a-views out the window. Backside the smartglass her Mommy is making quietlike convo with a little gray terrier type and the green-zootered rep. Ranchers will be slavers.

Zoos will be jails. Carnivores will be cannibals. Society — and the economy — will erupt in chaos, making life miserable for more sentients, both human and animal.

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The rep leanies on the wall. Stricter animal-cruelty laws. There are bills working their way through Congress She sideturns to her puppy. She deexcites. She deminds. She needwants to standstop and mind primepath all the hard things from the dog room. Stead she letters Daddy pushpull her out the porto and into the hallpath gain. Mommy sneakpeeks over her shoulder at Sally. Sally grabes open the porto and dropprots tiredlike by the terrier. Sally pots her on the head.

Sage littlifts her head and eyeballs Sally. Her eyes are darkling and cloudy. She is blind. Sage rollies over and sighs, a deep, cavelike sound for a dog so twitchy. Decomp I. Scared, and Why is he sad?

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Her scumbler is flipping like a fish dewater. Sally deknows what Maximus fraids, but she fraids the answer. Only you can choose your special friend. Sally squidges her eyes up tightlike and minds long and hardly.

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Sally sighs. Sally standups. Sally smiles. She yankgrabes the first cat porto wide open and stoppers. The cats starrel back at her. Sally minds nother porto back of the cat room. This porto is open just a twitch. She auditates shrieks of surprisement and furyness from back of it.

Sally scurrels to the porto and outflings it so magic hardly that it bangers the wall. There is a crishcrash of shattereling glass and droppering instruments and a big fluffy cannonball shoots, scoots, superlights round the corner and knockdowns Sally magic hardly. Needwant I a fuzzery orange pillow to singify me lullabies re the Sentient Revolution. Maximus nibblies her nose and upcurlies on her chest. Gracie standstills over them. Sally frownies and huglifts Maximus, sittering up and clumbering to her feet.

Mommy has a funnery happylike spression on her face. Daddy dehas a special friend, but he justlike huggers Mommy and pots Sage on the head. When the twitchy trip is termo, Sally deminds at first. She and Maximus are deep in convo, plannering a whole list of hijinks Maximus teachered her that palaver to perp when they outscape the car.

Eliza Blair has been working with homeless and injured animals snce she was thirteen years old. She works for the government and lives in Washington, DC with a veritable forest of houseplants and an ever-changing rotation of foster cats. I want to see shelters made voluntary or by court order only by the end of the year.

We can beat this overpopulation thing without mandatory euthanasia. Show I you how. Propaganda, politics Or if decomp I askie the kiddles in class or Bai in the Philippines.

a ˌfriend in ˈneed (is a ˌfriend inˈdeed)

Askie I friendlies everywhere. He standstills for a long millicycle and Sally strokers his back. Bit of luck, your mother taking to her like that. Special friend. Maximus dreamies re slip-slithering thru the smooth silent grassroots, huntering chubbly mice who detalk and dethink politics.