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More mrp92 case. Affiliations 1. Find all citations in this journal default.

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Or filter your current search. The Journal of Medical Humanities [15 Jun ]. Abstract This article focuses on three memoirs written by physicians who are specifically reflecting on their time in medical school to propose that the authors of these memoirs write not only to the reading audience, but also to their present and past selves. By addressing these former selves through the rhetorical figure of apostrophe, the authors write a new subjectivity into being.

These memoirs serve as the material evidence of the formation what I call a bioaffective attachment, or, the way an individual physician's subjectivity is affectively attached to their own sense of self and to the larger healthcare industry.

Please read our Open Access, Copyright and Permissions policies for more information. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Post-doc at Anthropology Department. How to Cite. The Unfamiliar , 5 Make a Submission. Without looking at him, I sensed him intently checking me out. Gradually, it took less and less time for him to take his grass from me until he only had to see me appear next to the paling fence and he would whinny and gallop straight over.

We were finally friends.

My front row seat memoir V. Further encounters at the greatest show on earth.

Touching him took a while but eventually he let me do that too. We spent lots of afternoons after school running next to each other up and down that fence. Palominos are my favourites, forty years on. At ten, I nearly touched a wild mule out in the desert.

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My family and friends were traveling through the red desert in four-wheel drives looping from Alice Springs across the border into Western Australia and back. We had just camped at Uluru. This was the year after Azaria was tragically taken by a wild dingo. We shared that campsite with patrolling dingoes that looked lean, hungry and slightly menacing.

We had parked on the banks of the Finke River for a lunch break after walking through Palm Valley when I noticed a herd of feral donkeys away up the slope a bit. Donkeys are Equus asinus , horses are Equus caballas so these were close enough for me. As the people noises dimmed, the donkey herd of about fifteen ahead of me shuffled into a tight group.

They had seen me coming. I walked towards them and they trotted further away from the creek and me. I tried again and every time the gap closed, donkey eyes and ears would stare back at me for minutes while they let me come closer to them.

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Then they ran off about fifty meters to stop again. After about ten goes of this, just before they made small movements signaling they were ready to take off, I started walking slightly backwards away from them. I found that by doing this they would let me move much closer to them before running away.

Encounters: A Memoir

In among the beautiful striking-looking donkeys I could see a mule. This dark brown mule fascinated me. She was a horse but not a horse. She did come to realize that I had singled her out for attention. That briefly panicked her. My time was running out.